Behavioural medicine

Patricia Connolly BVSc MRCVS provides a wealth of experience in the management of all aspects of canine and feline aggression, compulsive and anxiety related behaviours, inappropriate soiling or marking disorders and age-related cognitive decline. Cases can be seen at our new state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital.

Suitable cases for referral


  • Canine and feline aggression
  • Canine and feline house soiling, including urine marking disorders
  • Feline compulsive disorders, including hyperaesthesia psychogenic alopecia, self-mutilation, pica
  • Canine and feline fears and phobias
  • Idiopathic FLUTD
  • Canine separation related anxiety
  • Canine compulsive disorders including tail and shadow chasing
  • Canine and feline cognitive dysfunction and age-related disorders
  • Canine and feline bereavement disorders


Meet the team


Patricia Connolly BVSc MRCVS

Clinical Director of Behaviour

Refer a patient

Refer a patient

We can treat various cases at our Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital. Vets can refer a case either online or by downloading our Referrals form:

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