MR and CT imaging

Our Advanced Practitioners have daily access to an onsite, CT scanner as well as fortnightly visits from Burgess MRI. These state of the art scanners produce superb high resolution images. The CT and MRI scanners are available to both local practitioners, as a ‘scan and interpretation only’ service, and also to our own referral veterinary surgeons. For further information please call Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital on 0161 486 2333 or fax 0161 486 6156

Suitable cases for referral include:

  • Neurological - spinal and CNS
  • Joint disease
  • Nasal and airway disease
  • Periocular disease
  • Oncology to establish tumour margins and metastatic disease
  • Foreign bodies (e.g. pharyngeal stick injuries)
  • Thoracic and abdominal disease

Referring veterinary surgeons will initially be contacted by phone or fax, with a letter to follow up. Estimates will be given at the initial consultation. Payment is expected at the time of collection.


Refer a patient

Refer a patient

We can treat various cases at our Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital. Vets can refer a case either online or by downloading our Referrals form:

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