Willowbank Boarding Cattery


Situated behind our Heaton Moor Veterinary Centre, Willowbank Boarding Cattery allows you the peace of mind to leave your cat whilst you are away from home. We are open all year round and have spacious comfortable individual pens which are heated when necessary.


Being situated close to Heaton Moor Veterinary Centre means there is close veterinary supervision at hand.


Did you know?

Woodcroft Veterinary Group, as well as being an RCVS approved practice, is also a practice member of the International Cat Care & the International Society for Feline Medicine. In addition, we are an ISFM accredited ‘Cat Friendly’ practice.


We are the only practice in Stockport to offer this accredited standard of veterinary care.

Three young cats together on a cat perch

Three young cats together on a cat perch

Our fees


1) First cat: £8.75 incl. VAT per day or part day*

2) Second cat: £7.25 incl VAT per day or part day*

Cats will be given their own pen and unfortunately will not be able to share. We can however arrange for companion cats to be boarded opposite each other.


*Subject to minimum charge of 2 days boarding

No charge on the last day if your cat is collected in the morning.

Fees subject to change.


Health requirements


Please provide proof of vaccination against feline flu & enteritis e.g. vaccination book signed by your vet within the last 12 months.

Please inform us if your cat has received any recent veterinary medication.

All male cats over 7 months of age must be neutered.

Please inform us if your cat is pregnant.

Please let us know if your cat has any disabilities e.g. blindness or illnesses


Are you planning to travel? Contact our Willowbank Boarding Cattery on 0161 442 5808 for more information.